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The New Growth Playbook - transform your business model for the digital economy - is a new type of online education programme, created and presented by Simon Torrance.

It's specially designed for busy executives and their teams looking for new, practical ways to significantly enhance the performance of their company, business unit or product group.

The online course is supported and hosted by Knect365 Learning, the online learning division of Informa, one of the world's largest business intelligence and training organisations. More details:

Focus and Background

The focus of the course is on helping you adopt more advanced digital business models that give you attractive new growth potential.

A business model is the way you create value for customers, capture value for yourself, and share value with others. 

Your business model determine​s​ your growth rate, return on assets, margins and valuation.

As part of my work I continually track the business models and financial performance of hundreds of leading companies (listed and start-ups). From this the evidence is very clear:

  • Organisations which have fully incorporated true 'Platform-based business models' - enabling them to manage and monetise new ecosystems of innovation - outperform on all measures (CAGR, RoA, Margins, valuation multiples)
  • Most incumbent organisations are over-invested in out of date, under-performing business models. They are under-exploiting latent assets and capabilities (own and third-party)
  • Executives - and their investors - increasingly recognise this, but are unsure what to do and how best to do it. (see these stats)
  • There is a way to re-balance your activity portfolio to improve performance. More and more companies are trying to do this, but not boldly enough.

Digitisation of the economy is creating many opportunities to create new growth and value. But business model innovation (and ultimately transformation) is hard.

The key to successful 'business model transformation' - especially for incumbent organisations - is to design an approach that can achieve two things:

  1. Optimise the present (drive greater demand for your core offering, retain customers, attract new partners)
  2. Invent the future (incorporate asset-light business models with exponential potential that fully exploit the power of digital technology and economic trends)

Getting the balance right and creating true synergies is critical. This course shows you how to do this, and gives you examples of companies that have dramatically boosted their performance.


“Brilliant analysis.” 
Senior Partner, Global Management Consultancy 

“Simon is at the forefront of digital trends.”
Group Chief Strategy Officer, Global Telco

“Simon is one of a very small number of senior consultants who truly understands platform-based business models and how traditional enterprises can successfully incorporate them”
Senior Director, European Media Company

“Simon is a thought leader extraordinaire!” 
Director of Leadership, Global Training Company

“I recommend this course to all leaders.” Digital Director, Global Bank

"Simon adds a lot of value" 
CEO, Software Company

Helping you...

You may not have the time or resources to research which types of 'advanced digital business models' might be most appropriate for you, or how in practice you might apply them.

You'd value some fresh, independent thinking, backed up by hard evidence and real examples, and supported by practical check-lists and actionable next steps.

If these points resonate, then you'll probably also value the new (more digital) lens the course will give you and colleagues through which to view new market opportunities (and threats). 

I've found that the course also helps senior teams create a shared language for discussing new sources of growth and value in an increasingly digital economy. 

The New Growth Playbook allows you and your teams to leverage:

  • My on-going, in-depth analysis of the business models and financial performance of hundreds of companies, across multiple geographies, sectors and size.
  • New insights and ideas from my global network of collaborators: subject-matter experts, researchers, advisors and technologists who specialise in different aspects of 'business model transformation'.
  • On-going tracking of the best (and some of the worst) business model transformation practices from around the world
  • My hands-on experience of helping different types of companies implement advanced digital business models

You'll see in the 'Agenda' that, as well as offering engaging and easy-to-consume short-form video-based content, I also offer 1:1 online consultations to help you apply the ideas to your specific situation. On-site training is also available.

The foundational online course is hosted by Informa's online learning division. We're offering some special deals for those who sign-up before then.

You can also access today a sample case study video on how Amazon creates 'new growth flywheels' (here)

I'm looking forward to engaging with you. Please contact me any time if you have questions, comments, ideas: [email protected]


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