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The 'New Growth Playbook, transform your business model for the digital economy' is a new type of online video-enabled education programme specially designed for busy executives and their teams. (More context)

Business model transformation is a new and difficult topic so I've designed this foundational course around a logical information flow. It includes new analysis of the business models and financial performance of hundreds of leading companies, practical examples and case studies of successful strategies that have moved the valuation needle, and actionable next step check-lists. (More background) (Booking and Offers) (Free Sample) (Contact)


The course has been designed to help you and your teams process cutting-edge ideas fast and cost effectively:

Easy to Consume, Netflix-style

5 x 45 minute online video modules, each split into short, clearly labelled 5-10 minute sections so you can consume in the way that suits you. Supported by an online discussion forum. (More)

Evidence-Based and Graphical

Based on sophisticated new analysis of financial performance, world-class case studies, best-practice methods and frameworks and actionable check-lists. Engagingly conveyed using easy to follow graphs and images. (More)

1:1 Personal Advisory

Add-on option for a 2 hour follow up private online 'clinic' to help apply the concepts in the course to the specifics of your company. (Onsite, face to face and tailored versions of the course are also available). (More)


The course comprises 5 video modules of 45 minutes each, broken into short 5-10 min sections. Email me personally if you have questions: [email protected]

Module 1:
The New Growth Agenda: How to re-think sources of growth and value in an increasingly digital economy

  • How the new digital economy is creating unprecedented opportunities and threats and how executive decision-making needs to evolve
  • Why digitisation is reducing traditional profit pools, and what to do about it
  • What is ‘business model transformation’ and why is it so critical for organisations today (especially incumbents)
  • What are the practical considerations in planning business model transformation: impact on strategy, capital allocation, skills, operations

Module 2:
Platform, Network and Ecosystem Know-How: How (exactly) platform-based business models work and how to implement them

  • Why ‘Network Effects’, ‘Learning Effects’ and ‘Data Effects’ are so powerful and how incumbents can to generate them
  • What are the 10 platform strategies that incumbents should consider
  • What are the 5 key steps to integrate a platform-based strategy into your corporate, digital, financial and operational strategy.

Module 3:
Business Model Pioneers: Case studies and examples from around the world

  • Key case studies and examples of incumbents who have boldly implemented new platform-based strategies, across 10 sectors and 4 continents
  • Best practice from companies that have implemented bold strategies
  • Key lessons for leaders looking to boost their company’s valuation

Module 4:
The New Hybrid Business Model Portfolio: How to re-allocate capital towards a better mix of business models

  • What are the main types of ‘business model’ and which perform best (in terms of valuation, growth rates, ROA, profit margins)
  • Why is the current approach to corporate capital and resource allocation not delivering the results it could, and how to think differently about your assets
  • How to create a new business model portfolio than can deliver greater value (to customers, partners and shareholders)

Module 5:
RENEW: How to kick start a Business Model Transformation

  • 5 step process for effective activation of a Business Model Transformation, at any level of the organisation (corporate, business unit, product group)
  • How to re-organise for success, leveraging ‘VC-like’ approaches
  • What metrics should guide your transformation, and how to re-think your organisational structure
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